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Kaoshi thrives on a strong team of experts who possess the required knowledge to execute winning strategies, mixed with the right technical knowhow to constantly innovate. Our team works hard to ensure that every user's money transfer request is executed without hassles.

We put an end to long queues, exorbitant rates, and unimpressive length of days in international money transfer.

Chukwunonso Arinze

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ph.D. Candidate

About Chukwunonso

Chukwunonso Arinze is the founder and CEO of Kaoshi. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Physics at the University of Chicago. Aside from his enormous science background, Chukwunonso is also well experienced in financial technology. When he’s not experimenting on quantum physics or crunching data from the financial market, he enjoys reading fiction and taking long walks.

Our system is air tight and theft proof. Painstaking care has gone into ensuring that every money transfer request is executed flawlessly.

Princess Oti

Chief Legal Officer (CLO),

About Princess

Princess is an LLM graduate of Queen Mary University of London and has been practising in Nigeria for the past four years. She leads regulation and compliance. Strawberry ice-cream is one of her favorite things in the world.

With innovative solutions at your finger tip, the Kaoshi app permanently fixes the broken system of money transfer.

Fabian Okeke

Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
Ph.D. Candidate

About Fabian Okeke

Fabian is the Chief Technology Officer at Kaoshi. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Information Science at Cornell University and has built technologies for different parts of the world such as Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria, India, Israel and the United States. He has experience working for top companies like Facebook, Google, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson. Fabian is responsible for the technical development at Kaoshi. When he's not geeking out, you can catch him dancing, playing Fifa on an Xbox, or swimming.

Bringing state of the art financial innovation to emerging markets in Africa.

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