Here's how it all started

Meet the founder

Chukwunonso Arinze, Chooki as he’s popularly called, has always been passionate about fixing things. First it was the vending machine when he was barely able to walk. Then it was the way teachers back in his home country taught crucial science subjects. Now it’s the way money is being transferred across borders.

Chooki had just started with his doctorate degree at UChicago when he discovered a financial crisis in the international money transfer scene. Oil prices had just plummeted, which was making access to forex difficult in many sub-Saharan countries.

He realized that inflow into these African countries could help reduce scarcity of foreign exchange.

It was obvious that big time international money transfer agencies like MoneyGram and WorldRemit were profiting from this financial crisis. No one was taking any steps to solve the problem.

So Chooki decided he was going to find an innovative solution to the broken system of international money transfer. And a brilliant team to execute this dream. The rest is history...